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Honest, Laugh Out Loud (LOL) humor, dealing with daily life and relatable situations.  Saying what most are thinking, finding wit in the way and amusement in the angle.

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Humor Happens: Personal blog about life’s day-to-day comical circumstances.
BrokenA series that reminds us to be careful what you ask for…and the humorous downfall that follows.
Pig Tales: Officer, the mini pig’s, blog and other “beastie” stories.
Happily Never Afters With Aunt Lee LeeThe reality behind many fairy-tale characters you know and love.
Hiccups: Personal quotes; Lil one-liners.
The Camera Adds 10 Pounds!: Up close and personal, funny, video blog.

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We want you to Relate, React, and Respond. 

We want you to LOL, knowing the 10 minutes you took out of your day was well worth it!

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the small print

Although I write from life experiences, I have an active imagination and embellish my stories. 


Recent Stories

For a good time,


someone else.

Water Buffalo Breasts

Several years ago, I had a breast reduction.  Now before my male readers yell, “Noooooo“, let me explain. Developing at a young age, I went from flat to a 34E in less than a year.  The older men started rubbernecking, construction workers started whistling and shouting inappropriate slurs, and my father just about had a […]

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Maid Service

Your girlfriend does your laundry?  Oh man… She does your dishes too?!  Oh man… …AND she washes your dog?!!  Oh man, you’re lucky!!! As I listen to the guy on my left discuss his buddy’s personal life, it occurred to me… all men really want is a good-looking maid that puts out!   …humor happens

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You don’t have to wait for a New Year

to start a new day.

What doesn’t kill you,

makes you wish it did!

#FML Moment 22

Flirting, you become so flustered when you’re saying good bye, you slam your car door…WITH YOUR HEAD IN IT! When the poor guy asks if you are alright, you reply, “Oh, I’m fine. It happens all the time.” Really? REALLY! FML!!! …humor happens

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