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The Face Behind The Laughter

Speaker and Author

A “Chatty Cathy” and natural-born entertainer, Lee Volpe has never been at a loss for words. Since 2011, she has been making a name for herself professionally as an honest, ‘laugh out loud’ humorist, dealing with daily life and relatable situations. Applauded for saying what most are thinking, Lee has a gift of finding funny in simple, poignant, or even the most awkward moments.

Building her brand identity around the message of self-acceptance, speaker and author Lee Volpe is busy entertaining fans of her popular book, Black Sheep Tries Bleach. With her YouTube channel, The World According To Lee, she is reaching new audiences and sharing the benefits of laughter globally. Recognizing the importance of inspiring a younger audience, Lee established a kid-friendly zone by introducing her miniature house pig, Officer, to the brand.

Bed hog and banana enthusiast, Officer The Mini Pig can now add children’s book author to the list. Officer’s Pig Tales is an encouraging series of fundamental lessons taught through the tales of a misfit pig. His first book in the series, This Is Me, is a valuable lesson of self-acceptance and the meaning of happiness.

A champion and voice for the voiceless, Lee’s philanthropic interests include children and animals. She has actively supported local nonprofits like the Manatee Police Athletic League, Manatee Children’s Services, Save Our Seabirds, and the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

When Lee is not traveling, doing live appearances (often alongside Officer), you may see them around town. Like the drive-thru line at Starbucks, where Officer’s “regular” is a banana.

“Growing up, I always heard, ‘If it’s going to happen, it will happen to Lee.’ True as this statement has proven to be, I believe it all happened to ME, so I could share it with YOU.”

Laugh along with me…

XO, Lee

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