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Humor Happens: Personal blog about life’s day-to-day comical circumstances.
BrokenA series that reminds us to be careful what you ask for…and the humorous downfall that follows.
Pig Tales: Officer, the mini pig’s, blog and other “beastie” stories.
Happily Never Afters With Aunt Lee LeeThe reality behind many fairy-tale characters you know and love.
Hiccups: Personal quotes; Lil one-liners.
The Camera Adds 10 Pounds!: Up close and personal, funny, video blog.

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We want you to Relate, React, and Respond. 

We want you to LOL, knowing the 10 minutes you took out of your day was well worth it!

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the small print

Although I write from life experiences, I have an active imagination and embellish my stories. 


Recent Stories

The Real Princesses of Never After

Let’s face it, Sleeping Beauty was lazy and depressed. She probably had a hormone imbalance. But the Prince,…CLASSIC Necrophiliac! Rapunzel was just unkept. If a guy can crawl up inside your hair and get lost, you’ve just one-upped Howard Hughes! Snow White was the worst. 7 DWARFS! Lily white virgin my apple bottom! “Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho…” […]

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Dick Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

  “Is Dick home?”  My neighbor’s eight year old grandson was back for one of his visits…and looking for my ex-boyfriend. “We discussed this last time, Noah.  Dick doesn’t live here anymore.” “Why?” Why had been Noah’s favorite word for the last three years.  I finally had to admit, Noah was a little “special”. I […]

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The Botanical Boar

My neighbors simply didn’t know what to make of me. Young, single, living on a golf course in a deed restricted community, …with a mini pig, is not unusual too me, but other’s find that sort of thing shocking. Though they’ve come to love my unconventional ways, I’m not sure how they will feel about […]

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#FML Moment 33

How I imagine myself getting into my car when all eyes are on me… How I actually look, after I’ve rolled my hair up in the window! FML!!! …humor happens Photo Credits:   &copy; Orrim | Dreamstime.com – <a href=”https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-high-heels-legs-image16154980#res10289678″>High Heels and legs</a>

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Hear Me Roar!

“You need to get practical.  Fairytales and falling in love isn’t realistic at your age.  You’re getting too old for all that, and it is time to get serious before it’s too late.” “For Christ sakes, Daddy, she’s only 30!” my mother said in defense of my grandfather’s heinous spiel.   My love life, or lack […]

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Pig Slang

I would NEVER call someone a PIG – and here is why: Pig are friendly, loyal, and intelligent. They are naturally very clean, social, playful, protective animals that love sunbathing, listening to music, and getting massages. Pigs are skilled communicators with more than twenty oinks, grunts, and squeals identified in their vocabulary. Pigs have also been […]

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Chapter 5: The End

Hello summer, and welcome to serenity! –  By the end of June, my mother flew down from our family vacation home in Northern Wisconsin just to drive Officer, Uncle Put, and myself back up. The wheelchair had been returned, I was in two walking casts, and ready to get the hell out-of-town. After firing my […]

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(Watching the movie, The Big Short, with my Mother)

Mom: He’s really cute; who is that?

Me: Brad Pitt.

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