The Botanical Boar

My neighbors simply didn’t know what to make of me. Young, single, living on a golf course in a deed restricted community, …with a mini pig, is not unusual too me, but other’s find that sort of thing shocking.
Though they’ve come to love my unconventional ways, I’m not sure how they will feel about the commotion coming from my place lately?

You see, I’ve landscaped this year, and now that it’s Spring, everything is blooming. Officer has decided he wants to help prune each time he goes outside to potty, and he has his favorites. Initially it was the September Born Porter Weeds, but unfortunately has chosen two politically incorrect plants as current favorites.

My neighbors have been listening to me yell at Officer about eating my landscaping, but to a novice’s ear, it just sounds like racists slurs coming from my backyard.
“Officer, don’t you even think about touching those Mexican Petunia’s. You better let go of that Wandering Jew!”

Before anyone gets any ideas, I also I have a White Flowering Crabtree.  Officer is just too short to reach it.