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Humor Happens: Personal blog about life’s day-to-day comical circumstances.
BrokenA series that reminds us to be careful what you ask for…and the humorous downfall that follows.
Pig Tales: Officer, the mini pig’s, blog and other “beastie” stories.
Happily Never Afters With Aunt Lee LeeThe reality behind many fairy-tale characters you know and love.
Hiccups: Personal quotes; Lil one-liners.
The Camera Adds 10 Pounds!: Up close and personal, funny, video blog.

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We want you to Relate, React, and Respond. 

We want you to LOL, knowing the 10 minutes you took out of your day was well worth it!

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the small print

Although I write from life experiences, I have an active imagination and embellish my stories. 


Recent Stories

You know your well on your way to Grey Gardens when the only one finishing your sentences is your mother!

Do you ever check the day of the week by your birth control?

“Friday?!…Thank God! Yippie! Yeah!!”

Welcome Back, Lee

As the day badgered its welcome on my semiconscious mind, I began to accept the reality of another day and opened my eyes.  First problem to greet me was my mascara from the night before had clumped and attached its Night Navy ass to my left cheek.  Secondly, everything I witnessed out of my right […]

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Matthews vs. Lacy

I was visiting my favorite store in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Packerland.  This is the place where all the true Packer fans go to load up on gear for the upcoming season. As I was making my pre-season purchases, two little boys between eight and ten came running up to the counter where the autographed […]

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Up North #31

Only in Wisconsin…   can you watch the Packer game from your emergency room bed, while getting IV fluids for dehydration, with your physician belching outside your room from one too many brats! Gotta love the Northwoods   …humor happens

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Get the Pig A Weave, It’s Spring!

Officer is losing his Winter coat and getting ready for Spring.  Unfortunately, the only place it’s missing at the moment is right on top of his head! He has male pattern baldness going on and he’s embarrassed – doesn’t even want to go outside. Pigs are very smart…and insecure at times.  It really is a […]

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In the backseat of my car today, my 14 year old niece and 12 year old nephew we’re annoying each other, when my nephew informed me: “Mason is pulling my wenis!”   Lesson of the Day: the wenis is the extra skin on the elbow. Thank God! …humor happens

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The Bed Hog

I inherited my cat Put from my grandparents, which is why I call him “Uncle Put”. Since I brought his crazy, OCD, black ass home, he has been a true original – especially at bedtime. Not only does he have to sleep on my head, but he licks my ear, chews on the lobe, sticks his […]

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I fell In Love With A Pig

The first thing people seem to ask me is, “What made you decide to get a pig?”  Funny question considering I never wanted one.  I’ve dated a lot of them in my day, unfortunately, but to have one as a pet?  My older sister always wanted a pot belly when they first became popular, but […]

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I need a man in my life right now, like I need another BOOB!  Just more baggage for me to deal with.

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