Trick or Treat

It was Halloween night in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. My great-uncle, a middle-aged man at the time, was home handing candy out to trick-or-treaters. The doorbell sounded, he opened the door, and there stood a beautiful little angel of about four years old, with big blue cornflower eyes and golden ringlets. “Trick or […]

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Therapists are like vibrators …

every woman over 25 should have one

—whether they admit it or not!

Miss Peller

With so much negativity and turmoil in the world right now, I thought I would share a “funny” to lighten things up.   Many of you know that I accepted my first book deal back in April, and with its release date scheduled before the end of this year, I am currently finishing the final […]

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#FML Moment 10

I had been having construction going on at my house and the final step was painting. The painter showed up, assistant in tow, and began applying my chosen color samples to the wall. I’m friendly, too friendly I’ve been told – which gets me in trouble most of the time, and obviously the painter was […]

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…and my Mother said,

“Karma’s a bitch!”


My Stepfather answered,

“Who’s Karma?”

The Adventures of a Little Wooden Boy

Let’s talk about Geppetto, the old Italian woodcarver, and his little wooden puppet. The truth is, Geppetto had an extreme side effect from taking Cialis. When his “wood” lasted longer than four hours and wouldn’t go away, he didn’t seek medical attention. Instead, he named it Pinocchio. That’s the real story. Trust me, I wouldn’t […]

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