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Black Sheep Tries Bleach is an all-original collection of honest humor dealing with daily life and relatable situations. This book is the modern day survival guide for all who have struggled with life’s growing pains—and lived to laugh…

Chapter 5: The End

Hello summer, and welcome to serenity! -  By the end of June, my mother flew down from our family vacation home in Northern Wisconsin just to drive Officer, Uncle Put, and myself back up. The wheelchair had been returned, I was in two walking…

#FML Moment 89

When I said, "Drop me anywhere", this is NOT what I intended. Really?! FML!!! ...humor happens 

'BROKEN quotation' #33

When I said I was going to 'make myself MORE comfortable', I doubt taking my casts off was what he had in mind.
(Watching the movie, The Big Short, with my Mother) Mom: He's really cute; who is that? Me: Brad Pitt.
There's a light at the end of the tunnel ...and it's a train!

'BROKEN quotation' #19

You know you haven't worked out in awhile when you have a spider living in your shoe!